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The Dream Team - Virtual Team Building Event - Giant Jigsaw For GOODERA

The awesome team Goodera, was coming off 3 months of intense #covid19support where they helped raise crores of rupees and bridge the gap between corporate keen to donate funds but in a scientific manner where it could be tracked and NGOs and Agencies on the front line. 

The First step for the journey from Operational to Inspirational Leadership

One of our passion project at BlueSky learning is the workshop for First time Managers where we enable new and young managers to start their leadership journey on the right note. From Operational managers...

Annual Retreats To Bond Teams Stronger

A week in beautiful city called Gangtok provided a perfect backdrop for a wonderful finale to 2019 with our activity based learning workshops for a leading Corporate. This workshop enabled participants to explore the hidden ...

7 Islands Race- An Ideal Solution For Your Content Intensive Trainings

BlueSky Learning’s new Boardgame, the 7 Islands race which is aimed at making content heavy trainings fun and engaging was successfully implemented at a leading hospitality group in India...

Appropriate Timing For Behavioral Training

No organization can deny the significance of Behavioral training and development for Talent management. However, the appropriate timing for such trainings is not necessarily always when people join On Board, or become managers or when struck...

Good to Great with the 7 Step Amazing Race

The digital warriors at Allianz embarked on their journey from Good to Great with the 7 exciting steps in our Digital Amazing Race! The annual conclave of the organization Lakshya 2019 themed ‘Organizational Excellence...

Giving Back To The Community In A Powerful Way

Our game based activities enhance the purpose of CSR initiatives taking the experience to a higher level. The participants involved in these employee volunteering activities are engaged in creating the products for the associated NGO rather than buying and donating such products.

The 7 Step Amazing Race for HCL @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

A powerful start of this year with April 2019 seeing our new product successfully implemented with HCL team at Siem Reap, Cambodia. The teams from different nationalities coming together for an annual conference enjoyed not just the Cambodian culture and cuisine but also the Digital Scavenger Hunt in their resort.

Hero MotoCorp- Taking the L.E.A.P. to Build Synergy & Overcome Mental Barriers

Hero MotoCorp, India’s leading two wheeler manufacturing company conducted our signature outbound team bonding program in Jaipur for their center of Innovation & Technology. 34 team members participated in activities and discussions that helped them to reflect and internalize the behavioral changes they need to make to build trust& synergy in the team,

Maruti Supervisors paddle their way to the stronger team at Rishikesh

Maruti Suzuki Ltd, India’s largest automobile manufacturers is not just going beyond traditional boundaries of car-making, infusing design and technology but also building stronger teams. BlueSky learning conducted the outbound program for Maruti Supervisors at Rishikesh,

Leadership in action irrespective of the position at Roseate, Delhi

How do we lead a team of owners as a post to a team of followers? How do we move from directing a team as a leader to inspiring them into action? How do we become a cohesive high performing team and collaborate the highest level?

A powerful Jumpstart to a new journey for new starters at Taj Hotels

The most effective employee induction programs are not the ones which just prepare the new employees for their role and responsibility as per the documents in the organization. The impactful ones go beyond the knowledge sharing to behavioral intervention.

Shaping Change at Moet Hennessy

What a fantastic experience being a part of Moet Hennessy’s annual conference. From pure Fun and Engagement through team building activities on the beach to assisting them in their Vision and Values dissemination program, BlueSky Learning was there all the way.

Empowering the Trainers at The Oberoi Group

It’s always a great feeling when one does a workshop for a team of trainers. A very involved and engaging experience it was, when we conducted a team building workshop for the Lead team of Oberoi hotels’ prestigious Oberoi Center for Leadership Development (OCLD).

Making bread together- powerful way to build strong team for Tata Sampann!

The team that eats together, stays together is cliché now! Cooking food together is more powerful way to build a strong team culture and stir innovation. The brand team of TATA Sampan enjoyed such an experience in their outbound program wherein the team trekked in the western ghats and did a cook off challenge.

Serving the Community- The Employee volunteering way by Tata Communications

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Beautifully quoted by Mr Gandhi. It’s true for the organizations as well. As the employee serve the community, they not only impact other lived but also find the real essence of a team and themselves!

Outbound Team Building Activity at Nucleus Software

When families get involved in understanding your professional lives, individuals get motivated while performing in their role.

Outbound Team Building Activity for Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company

Patrick Lencioni in his book “Five dysfunctions of a team” talks about “Trust” being the foundation of any team. If a team has a strong foundation, they will be open to get into a positive conflict of ideas which will bring in strong accountability and commitment towards results.

Team Building Activity at Sapient

An intense and exhilarating session conducted for the Sapient People success team.

Evalueserve, Professional Services Team Meet @ The Gateway Resort, Gurgaon

An Anthem making workshop is a beautiful and unique way to connect the team members beyond the differences and do something in which they will take pride as a team.

Team Building for UltraTech Cement, Dealers Meet

The best learning happens in the moments of fun and this was fairly true for the Dealers of the premium cement brand of the country. Not only the dealers but also their families participated in the fun team activities and enjoyed a lot.

Campus to Corporate for Maruti GET program, Sariska

The transition from college to corporate is a milestone in everyone’s life. The young engineers full of energy and enthusiasm played their heart out in all activities.

Team Collaboration Activity at Nucleus Software

The gamut of software developers, quality assurance team, client facing team and managers of Nucleus software smiled together when they reflected upon the team collaboration beyond all differences.

Team Building Program for Leadership Team Allianz Technology

It was more than just a Team Building Program as the team built what we called a Brand Machine. Where different parts needed to be built by different teams that had to work together to illuminate the Brand Essence board created by the Leadership team.

Bike Build off for Kids for Canadian International School

In this activity, teams compete with each other to assemble a cycle from scratch in a race against time.

Team Building Activity for NTPC Engineers

Team BlueSky conducted the team building program for nineteen engineers from across eight locations and multiple departments for one and a half days..

Team Building Workshop for the Exploration Team at Cairn Energy

Nothing like seeing happy faces at the end of an exhilarating team building program.

Creating A Common Vision for the Future for the HR team from Ciena India

From creating Bonhomie to creating a Common vision for the future was the journey of a day for the HR team from Ciena India as we conducted our signature team building program called “The Fellowship”

Intensive Team Building Program for the HR Team at Tata Capital

We discovered this and many more facets during our day long intensive team building program for the HR Team at Tata Capital in rain soaked Nashik.

Team Building Programs Conducted for Tata Capital HR Team

A team building programme conducted for Tata capital HR team around the theme of 1 hr where the focus was on collaborating to create a common image for the HR team irrespective of whom they interact with in which part of the organisation

Jumpstart: Campus to corporate for Jubliant MTs

Amazing experience with an energetic and motivated bunch of entrants at Jubliant. Facilitated a two-day interpersonal skills workshop to enable them progress from ‘I’ to ‘We’ in their new journey of life.

Empowering Janani NGO’s Leadership Team in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Leadership Team was empowered in Andaman & Nicobar Islands of an NGO working in the area of Reproductive Health in various states.

Outbound Team Building Program for Factory Supervisors – To promote bonding and collaboration

Team building workshop for India’s biggest automotive company with an emphasis on collaboration, communication and trust amongst others.

Outbound Program for Maruti QA (Jr Team) – Bhimtal @ 27th & 28th April’1

Conducted the Outbound Program for Maruti QA (Jr Team). We took participants through activities and discussions that helped them reflect People Focus, Communication & Collaboration and Goal Alignment enabling internalizing the attitudinal and behavioural changes they need to make to be successful in an organizational environment.

Outbound Program for Maruti QA (Jr Team)

We took participants through activities and discussions that helped them reflect People Focus, Communication & Collaboration

Team Building Intervention for Supervisory level staff of Maruti

Maruti Suzuki Ltd is India’s largest automobile manufactures going beyond traditional boundaries of car-making, infusing design and technology.

Team Building Event as part of the Annual Conference of the Indian arm of the worlds largest Packaging company.

Proud to partner #MHIINDIA (Moet Hennessy India), part of the LVMH group in using their Annual Team Building Program to reinforce these values and behaviours.

TCNS Clothing Company Pvt. Ltd.

‘The Campus to Corporate Integration Program for New Joinees’. New Joinees went through a one day outbound program as part of their on-boarding and a ‘from campus to corporate transition program’.

Workshop on Cohesion and Teamwork for CXO

A workshop on the importance of Extreme cohesion at the Leadership level through and immersive team building program that goes beyond general bonhomie and Camaraderie.

Program for Greenfuel Energy – Manesar

Conducted a experiential learning programme of the Operations team covering Communication & Presentation Skills and Team Building.

Maruti Regional Workshop

Bluesky conducted two days outbound intervention for regional team (Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir) of an Automobile giant in Chail.

Team Building & Collaboration For A Team Of 850 Employees

One of construction based team building event called Ripple Effect was customized for an 850 member team where 36 machines were built and connected to each other that would set off a chain reaction like effect. The theme of the event was Collaboration for Growth.

Program for Hero MotorCorp Regional

Conducting a Experiential Learning Program for the Regional Sales / Service team from Central India of the country’s leading motorcycle company. The program also provided an opportunity to use the outbound training model to clarify and reinforce the company values under their Saksham initiative