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The First step for the journey from Operational to Inspirational Leadership

One of our passion project at BlueSky learning is the workshop for First time Managers where we enable new and young managers to start their leadership journey on the right note. From Operational managers to Inspirational leaders, the journey begins with the first step. Since it is an arduous task to change ones leadership style after one has been a leader for a decade or more, we feel it’s critical that leadership inputs much like the fundamentals of Maths and Physics have to be inculcated early so that the foundation is strong. 


Recently, we got the opportunity to create and execute the First Time Managers program for managers in transition for a young insurance Start-up. The organization is rapidly growing and had just received a massive seed funding which showed that the company is on the right path. What was more encouraging for us was to see their efforts and time invested in building an inspirational L&D team. This team has taken the ownership to create a learning culture in the organization and to ensure their people are well equipped to meet the ambitions of the organization.


This First Time Manager (FTM) program was designed to be an intensive one day experiential program for managers from various functions like Sales, Operations, IT, Marketing, Claims, Customer Support, etc. unlike most other Insurance companies who focus more on the Sales function only. 


Their L&D team helped us in analyzing the business needs which further supported us in designing a customized experiential workshop led in a conversational style devoid of business jargons and deep concepts. The program was created as an experience where there was more sharing, conversations and discussions which led to more clarity. And most importantly it covered a lot of context to business situations so that young managers wouldn’t have to take the leap from learning to application on their own. Variety of Learning Action tools helped the participant contextualize the generic concepts of leadership to their own functions and roles. Designed as a series of programs, the organization has planned to implement it across 5 centers pan India and our passionate team is delivering these workshops with great results. We are excited to be a part of this organization’s learning journey and looking forward to designing and delivering several such experiences for this organization.