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10 Best Team Building Programs in Bangalore

team building company in Bangalore

There are many team building companies in Bangalore that help you engage your team in unique team building activities. But as a manager, you must think beyond regular activities to see how team building activities adds real value to your team.

The best way to engage employees is by building a culture of trust.

Teams that trusts and believes each other, and respects everyone’s contribution can make a huge difference while innovating or problem-solving situations. And many companies design the games that drive the team’s attention and that engage the employees with fun.


10 best team building activity used by team building companies in Bangalore



team building company in Bangalore


The Race Day takes participants and teams through the entire step of what it takes to create, possess and run a Formula Racing team and how these teams actually function. RACE DAY create the highs of a Formula 1 racing event with equal weight for execution and strategy.

The team building activity demonstrates the importance of unity in a team, with each part of the team leveraging the other. RACE DAY demonstrates that project preparation is as vital as good ideas and without project preparation, nothing can work Teamwork, Energy, and execution excellence is some of the key themes that RACE DAY explores. This team building programs in Bangalore drives a high level of engagement and participation from the audience.


Grand Rail Road

 team building programs in Bangalore


The Grand Railroad is an interesting construction project where teams have to build the rail lines and integrate into 1 big rail line base whose success will decide the group’s ability to win projects.

Grand Railroad demonstrates the importance of teams to communicate and work together to attain customer success. This team building activity helps teams and team members understand the mutually supporting ecosystem. Grand Railroad demonstrates the importance of project managing in meeting goals.

Grand Railroad looks at how critical communication and empathy are to succeed as a team. An activity that creates energy and enthusiasm and builds ownership of a cause among individuals.

This team building program brings a team together on achieving individual and collective goals.



Momentum Challenge


team building company in Bangalore


Momentum challenge – It is easy to build momentum as a team or company when the going is good. It is how the team comes together when the going gets tough and the task uphill that truly tests a team’s hunger for success.

The participants are divided into sub-teams, each participant has different tasks to do:

One sub-team is tasked to create a structure which in the form of a ramp. The structure is an elevated track with skirting on both sides.

One sub-team has to craft a vehicle with parts provided by us that have to carry the maximum load up the ramp.

One sub-team has to create a pulley and counterweight system that will take the vehicle with the load up the ramp.

Only when all these come together and work in sync is true momentum attained and gives the team the confidence to face an uphill task.


Ripple Effect


team building company in Bangalore


Ripple effect – This is a very creative construction challenge where the different teams are given a variety of material and they need to set up a ripple effect or a chain reaction that will ultimately get the end objective possible.

This is an event inspired by the quirky experiments of the eponymously titled Rube Goldberg effect that was popular in the 70s-80s and brought back in vogue by Redbull and Honda ads

At the end of this chain reaction is the final mission that can only be achieved if the entire chain reaction process works flawlessly.

The whole group is broken up into sub-teams where each team has to create one Ripple Effect in series of 4- 5 sections.

The end of one section should trigger the start of the next section. The completion of the last section allows teams to get to the final goal.

Teams will get 3 attempts to complete the task. After each attempt teams will get 5 minutes to course correct before the next attempt.


Angry Clan


team building company


Angry Clan – a high engagement warlike exercise where teams create their own ‘Clan Castle’ & weapons (a large Catapult) to Fight in the Clash of Clans.

The task is to create a strong castle for your team & bring down the other teams castle before they bring down yours.

The winning team is the one that brings down the opponents castle with the least number of hits while allowing theirs to be either not brought down or with the highest number of hits.


Scavenger Hunt


team building company in Bangalore


Scavenger Hunt – a fun team building event that is modeled on the hugely popular Amazing race. Set in towns, cities this is a complete reality-based team building event where nothing is “fixed” and all experiences are completely real.

Teams crack clues, perform bizarre events, convince strangers to perform bizarre tasks, make movies, take pictures – all this and much more – and all on the clock.

Collaboration par excellence – Planning & Coordination taken to a whole other level in this unique team building event, not to mention the spontaneity and creativity that teams need to show to succeed in this event.

This is a heady performance event designed to bring out or instill a next level spirit of accomplishment in every single participant. The icing, teams get to explore a city or resort and add it to their travel repertoire.

Scavenger hunts can be designed around cities or within the resort if it is large enough.


Paint Ball

team building companies in Bangalore


Paint Ball – a strategy based war simulation activity where teams use toy guns with paintball bullets in a specially erected Arena.

Various scenarios are created such as prisoner rescue, weapons seizure and so on to test the teams on various aspects of teamwork, leadership, Planning and strategic abilities.


Mission Rescue


team building companies in Bangalore


Mission Rescue – a crises simulation team building event, where the group is divided into search and rescue parties who have a mission of rescuing dead and injured passengers of a Simulated Air crash situation.

There are command centers, field rescue teams, walkie-talkies, medical bays and also a BLACK BOX to find. Communication is restricted and the challenges many that will truly test the team in a variety of competencies.

The Exercise acts as a mirror to the teams working style, depth in planning, engagement of each individual to the role they play and its importance in team building.


Mission Excellence


team building companies in Bangalore


Mission Excellence – a competitive business game that simulates a sales or customer acquisition part of a business enterprise.

The simulation is set in an outdoor earmarked market area with multiple teams divided into business teams with roles, tools, aids, and budgets.

Teams have to strategize, invest in resources and execute a customer acquisition strategy for different customer groups while fighting off competition to maximize profit and return on investment.

For each customer type, there are different tasks to be completed for which the team needs to plan and invest in resources of various kinds.