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Team Building

Team Building not effective? Here’s a Team Building Activities checklist.

Team Building Activities checklist team building

Most organizations approach team building with a ‘fun & games mindset’ which will mostly lead to sub-par results.

Read on to find how you can create an impactful team building program with a team building activities checklist.

“We took our team to an expensive resort, bought in a fun team of facilitators and conducted a day-long program with a lot of interactive activities. We did the best we could, but unfortunately, we didn’t see it sticking. The team has gone back to how they were, in a week. We don’t know where we went wrong.”

This is a typical conversation that we deal with when we speak to HR or business teams about team building programs and its effectiveness. They all end up being cynical of such activities but since building strong teams is a pre-requisite for any organization’s success, they invest that money again anyway, and get the same results.
This begs the question what is wrong? How can it be better? What’s the best use of that investment?

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you run effective team building programs for your organization:


1. Team Building Activities Checklist: Set clear objectives.

If you start with “We need to do a team building program” as your objective, it would most probably end up being ineffective. So ask yourself, what changes do you need to see in the team’s behavior? What are the values that we need to drive in the team? What is the immediate impact that you want to see? Once you ask these questions, you are beginning your journey to building a more effective program for your team.

It is also critical to involve the senior leadership and the team heads to make sure that there is proper alignment in the objectives of the program.


2. Team Building Activities Checklist: Buy-in is mandatory.

In this team building activities checklist, Getting a break from the routine work and a company sponsored outing would sound fun to anyone in the team.  But it’s imperative to understand the objectives of the program and the idea behind the program structure to achieve the results you wish to see.

It is sure fun, but there is larger learning behind these activities. And that is why it is important to gain support from the team and the business heads. Unless we get the buy-in for the ideas and objectives, the team building programs never seem to take hold or have the impact we want.


3. Team Building Activities Checklist: Facilitators are critical.

You can easily find vendors to do your team building activities, but the facilitators hold the key when it comes to effectiveness and impact. Spend considerable time with the facilitators briefing them about the team, the values, and the organizational culture, the repetitive challenges, and issues that the team is facing etc. This discussion helps the facilitators create an effective program that goes beyond just fun and games, and moves towards results and impact.


4. Team Building Activities Checklist: Reinforcement is crucial.

The most common mistake is the assumption that “We did it, and now let’s wait for the results”. Behavioral changes, building trust, and collaboration etc. don’t happen in a day. It takes time, effort and constant reinforcement. Post the program, it is important that the HR team and the business heads constantly reinforce the learnings through regular interventions and follow-up.

The team head has the most critical role to play here. Through a series of small in-office activities at team meetings and one on one interactions, the learnings must be reinforced over and again.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Yes! But it’s definitely a good investment to build stronger teams. It is imperative that HR teams drive the change towards building more impactful team building programs in their organizations. So, when are you starting your journey towards building great teams?

If you have any queries related to team building, do speak to us at Blue Sky Learning. We will be happy to help you!