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Team Building

Team Building Activities | Best Team Building Activities

Team building activities

Team Building

Team Building Activities – It is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. A team is a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purpose and goals.

Team Building Activities have been proven to increase productivity levels, improve efficiency, boost company morale and competitive spirit in the workplace.


Benefits of Team Building Activities


  • Building RelationshipsTeam Building Activities encourages individuals to work in a team and understand each other and build a relation between them to work together for a goal.
  • Decision Making – Team Building Activities helps the employees to think creatively, convey Ideas, and come up with more than one solution for problems.
  • Productivity – As team building activities provide a fun change in day to day activity, employees feel more refreshed and can provide a strong focus on one’s work; thus, team building activities play important role in increasing companies productivity.
  • Achieve Companies Goals – Employees struggles to see past their own needs in an organization which leads to problems like, Lack of trust, broken commitments, Self-serving behaviors. An interactive and fun team building activity will help to collaborate the individuals work and align the goals and effort. With a trusted, united team working towards single goals and can achieve the company’s goal.
  • Companies Culture – Team building activities help the employees to build trust between companies and work in a structured team. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.
  • ConfidenceWhen a task is performed with confidence, there is a high possibility of producing effective results. Hence, when people participate in different corporate events in Adelaide in a comfortable, non-threating environment, they get the opportunity to develop confidence in themselves and others.


10 Best Team Building Activities



Flower Garden Gift – Team Building Activities 


Team Building Activities

Time: Half-day or Day Event

Materials needed: Varies Instructions:

  • Select a site where a garden can be planted. This could be outside the building where the team works or at a school, hospital, nursing home, playground, community center.
  • Gather the necessary materials — digging tools, seeds, water, fertilizer, plant food, etc. and create a flower garden.
  • Variations of this game can be painting a room, decorating a wall, serving food at a shelter, or any other deed the whole team can do together to bring joy to others.

Desired outcome: The amazing uplift one experiences when we give without thought of getting


Dress-up Monday – Team Building Activities


Team building activities

Time: All day!

Materials needed: Your best clothes Instructions:

  • Request that everyone who wishes to play should dress up in their very best outfits on Monday. Have a small celebration like coffee at the morning break; take pictures of the group; have a parade through the rest of the office; give prizes for brightest colors, longest skirt, sleekest tie, etc.
  • Do this only occasionally — a couple of times a year. Every Monday is too much and detracts from the uniqueness of the event.

Desired outcome: Your team feels better about Mondays — energy and renewed interest will follow.


What’s in Your Treasure Box?


team building activities

Time: Half to one hour

Purpose: Players realize all the things of value they have in their life

Materials needed: For each player: a small box, several pieces of paper and a pen Instructions:

  • Each person writes everything they want in their life — things they have as well as things they don’t yet have — but only one thing per piece of paper.
  • Ask them to take ten minutes to complete but they must pretend that when they are done only things they wrote will be theirs for life. Anything they forget, they will never have. For example, if they forget to write ‘good health’ they will not have it in their lives. So suggest they write fast and include essentials first.
  • When complete, ask them to put all pieces of paper with things they have inside their ‘treasure boxes.’ Their assignment is to put one action step on the back of each paper for something they don’t have, which will help get it in the box. Desired outcome: The marvelous discovery we already have much of what we truly value and clarity on how to start acquiring the rest.


Recall Game – Team Building Activities 


Team building activities

Time: 20 minutes

Materials needed: Paper and pens

Instructions: Break into teams of five to ten people. Each team has ten minutes to list as many facts or skills as they can remember from their training. A representative from each team then reads the list and gets points for each correct fact remembered. All other teams can challenge any point.

Desired outcome: Instructor learns what was important to the group and how much was retained. The group takes a test that is fun, engaging and creates team cooperation.



The Game of Possibilities – Team Building Activities


team building activities

Time: 5–6 minutes

  • Give a napkin to each group of five to ten participants.
  • One person at a time stands and demonstrates a use of that napkin


  1. The person demonstrating cannot speak
  2. Must stand while demonstrating
  3. The demonstration must be original

Desired outcome: Participants experience the infinite ways to use a napkin and translate this to the infinite ways to solve problems, use resources, motivate a team, etc.


Line Up – Team Building Activities


Team building activities

Equipment: Platform approx 12inch wide – long plank of wood

Time: 10+ minutes

Lay a long plank of wood on the floor and tell the group to stand on it

  • Give them tasks to do without touching the floor, like getting into height order, shoe size order or age order from one end to another
  • Also get them to do it in silence
  • If they touch the floor 3 times as a group or talk if they are meant to
  • silence etc, you can give them a forfeit e.g. singing a song


Marble Run – Team Building Activities


team building activities

Equipment: 8 – 10 pieces of a drain pipe and a ping pong ball

Time: 5 – 10 minutes

Give each participant a piece of a drain pipe and tell them they have to roll the ball along the pieces of pipe for as long as they can

  • The only rules to the game are the ball is not allowed to stop moving and you are not allowed to walk with the ball
  • Participants need to work as a team and place pieces of pipe next to each other in a line and allow the ball to roll along their piece of pipe and into the next persons
  • They then have to move to the other end of the chain in order to be ready for the ball to roll into their pipe again and this continues as far as possible


Mine Fields – Team Building Activities


team building activities

Equipment: A square boundary line, cones, blindfolds

Time: 10 – 15 Minutes

Set out the boundary line and put all the cones inside and spread them out

  • Get the group into a pair and put them in each corner of the boundary line.
  • Blindfold one person
  • The other person has to direct the blindfolded person across to the opposite corner by shouting directions and instructions
  • If the blindfolded person touches any of the ones they have to start again or change over
  • The person who is giving instruction can’t move from the corner


Number Scale – Team Building Activities


 team building activities

Equipment – 2 sets of cards numbered 1 -10

Time: 10-15 minutes

Randomly lay each set of cards upside down at one end of the room, with a gap between each set

  • Split the group into 2 teams
  • Explain to the teams about the 2 sets of card numbered 1 -10
  • They have to race and find each the card marker number 1 and return to tag the next player
  • Players take it, in turn, to find the next number in the sequence
  • Every card turned over must be replaced upside down
  • The team, who has all their numbers returned in the correct order, wins.


Scale  Exercise – Team Building Activities


team building activities

Equipment: – 2 numbered sheets. Marked 1 and the other marker 10

Time: 5 – 10 minutes

This exercise can be used to find out what young people think of an activity or service

  • It can be used to find out dynamics in a group, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Simply put up the scale 1 – 10 a reasonable distance apart on the floor or wall.
  • Ask relevant questions that can be answered between 1 – 10
  • Participants then place themselves at various positions on the scale
  • You can ask individuals why they have placed themselves on the scale