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Outbound Style Learning Programs

Outbound Style Learning Programs

The BlueSky Outbound Learning programs are about exploration of the outdoors as a medium of growth. The Outbound environment is ideal for programs around Team Building, Leadership, Campus to Corporate for new Joinees and other corporate Training needs. With participants being up close with nature, each experience is crafted to create the right environment for a individual and team reflect and learn.
Unique experiences and activities in each location that create the right environment.
Adventure, Reality Learning take precedence over simulations in the Outbound Learning format, ideal for team building & Leadership Programs.
BlueSky Learning offers these programs our of pre-selected locations are chosen that are the beaten track, ideal for teams, leaders to avoid distractions during their learning process and are a haven for outdoor experiences.
Our Outbound training programs are offered as Integrated solution that encompasses logistics, transportation training, all under one roof.
Our new products like Team Adventures are a perfect example of how the Outbound learning format is used to create memorable experiences for Teams.


Innovative activities and simulations leading to contextualization of learning outcome by trained and experienced facilitators. Custom built modules based on client direction on learning outcomes. Uses the diversity of the outdoors to created individualized learning experiences.


Over 13 years and 12000 Man days of programming experience spanning 3 continents with an enviable safety record. Over 100 activities to choose from. From simple Team building games to complex simulation team challenges.


Integrated solution that encompasses logistics, transportation and location. Most locations have easy access by road or train and not more than 6-8 hours from major metros.

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