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LEAP an acronym for LEARN. EXCHANGE. ABSORB. PERFORM is Bluesky’s workshop style team building training program spread over 2-3 days. A facilitator led intensive program, LEAP is for teams looking for a serious needed shift and a concrete action plan at the end of the workshop. Primarily Outbound in nature, these programs offer participants unique experiences in scenic and beautiful locations away from the bustle of the work environment. More layered experiences and more opportunity to reflect and connect as a team and create the right environment to forge relationships that last forever. These programs are highly customized and are typically co-created with the team leaders.

  • Facilitated Learning Sessions -Offsite style
  • Groups of 10-50 ( In one session)
  • Outdoor activities, Simulations, Learning to Action Tools etc.
  • Ideal for Existing teams, New teams, Leader integration
  • Well suited for Visioning, Team charter, Culture Conversation, Reaffirming Values and uncovering team dysfunctions.


Innovative activities and simulations leading to contextualization of learning outcome by trained and experienced facilitators. Custom built modules based on client direction on learning outcomes. Use the diversity of the outdoors to create individualized learning experiences.


Over 15 years of programming experience with an enviable safety record. Over 100 activities to choose from along with learning to application tools which help the participants contextualize learning to their own job roles and create commitments to change


Integrated solutions that encompasses logistics support including transportation and location. Most locations have easy access by road or train and not more than 6-8 hours from major metro cities.