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Team Building

Indoor Team Building Programs and Activities

Indoor Team Building Activities

Indoor team building activities usually work on four main aspects- communication, problem-solving/ decision making, adaptability, and trust. All teams can benefit from indoor team building activities, no matter their size and experience.

Employee engagement / team building activities is an issue becoming more important each day. As a leader in a world where the turnover rate peaks and where people are prompt to leave a job for another one, it should be one of your biggest concerns to improve it.


Benefits of  Indoor Team Building Activities

Here’s why you need to consider Indoor team building activities or games:


  1. They consume less time: Of course! Team building activities at the office can be complex as the mind space of employees tends to be pre-occupied with work that they need to get back to.
  2. Can be impromptu: Doesn’t take a lot of pre-planning and can be planned in less than 30 minutes (isn’t that great!). You can check some of our programs that you can use for your team building exercise.
  3. Doesn’t take too much space: Yes, in most cases, you can re-arrange 4–6 chairs and you’re good to go!
  4. Builds healthy relationships at the workplace: Team building exercises planned regularly (like some corporate have Fun-Fridays – a planned team building activity for 1 hour every Friday) can build trust and connect employees beyond their peer group, building healthy relationships and facilitating ease of communication among everyone.


– 10 Best Indoor Team Building Activities


Animal Noises – Indoor Team Building Activities


Indoor Team Building Activities

Materials Needed: Notecards with names of animals on them

Time Required: 5 minutes

Group Size: 10-50

Purpose: Energizer, icebreaker, good activity for breaking up people into subgroups.

  1. Write the names of animals on note cards. Do at least
  2. of each animal, but you may want more depending on the size of the subgroup you want to create. For example, if you want subgroups of 5 people each, you’ll need 5 note cards with the same animal on them. 2. Distribute one card to each participant. Explain there are some duplicates.
  3. Tell participants they must identify their partners (or group members) within the room purely by making the noise that they would associate with “their” animal. There should be no talking at this stage, only animal noises.


Animal RoundUp – Indoor Team Building Activities


Indoor team building activities

Material Needed: None

Time Required: 10 minutes

Group Size: 5-50

Purpose: Physical energizer


  1. Tell group members to silently think of their favorite animal.
  2. Then tell group members that without talking, they need to arrange themselves from largest to smallest animals.
  3. Group members can only make gestures and the noise of their animal.
  4. After they have finished, have group members go around and say the animal they were supposed to be to see if it was accurate.


Thanks Giving – Indoor Team Building Activities


Indoor Team Building Activities

Material Needed: Paper, envelopes, writing utensils

Time Required: 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the group

Group Size: 2-40

Purpose: Team building, recognition


  1. Explain to the group that the phrase “thankless job” is one that can be applied to many positions or specific tasks. Explain that sometimes one simple phrase coming from the right source can change that descriptor; the phrase is “thank you”.
  2. Distribute blank paper and envelopes.
  3. Ask group members to write their name on their envelope and place them in a location easily accessible to everyone during the meeting or retreat.
  4. Invite group members to write a note at any time during the session when they remember a particular time, event, or behavior for which they would like to thank another team member.
  5. Throughout the meeting or retreat tell members they may place the notes in the envelopes of their team members.
  6. Encourage team members to write at least one thank you note for each individual.


Build a Car – Indoor Team Building Activities


Indoor Team Building Activities

Material Needed: flip chart paper

Time Required: 25 minutes

Group Size: 5-30


Using flip chart paper, draw the outline of a car. Instruct the group to add components to the car and explain what it stands for and how they can relate that to the team. Give one example and then let them go.

Break team into groups of four or five. Allow 20 minutes for the team to draw the car and 5 minutes for each team to present their vehicle. The total time depends on the number of groups you have.

Some examples: Draw the antennae to make sure we have good communication or the wheels keep us in motion. Others include a rear view mirror to keep an eye on where we have been, headlights to help us find our way, a trunk to store all our knowledge and tools, the gas tank to provide fuel when we need it, etc.


Traffic Lights – Indoor Team Building Activities


The purpose of this activity, suitable for any group, is to introduce the idea of developing an action plan at the end of a training session/seminar.


Indoor Team Building Activities

Materials: flipchart paper; pens and/or markers

Time: 20 minutes

Team Size: Small group

  1. Divide the group into teams.
  2. Draw a traffic light on a flip chart at the front of the room. Explain that the traffic light represents an action plan: what participants should stop doing (red light), what they should do less of (yellow light), and what they should go forward with (green light).
  3. Ask each participant to write down his or her own “traffic lights”. Allow 5 minutes.
  4. Go around the group and ask each person to tell the rest of the group one of the things they will stop doing as a result of the training session/seminar, one of the things they will do less of, and one of the things they are going to go ahead and do.


Me Too – Indoor Team Building Activities


This activity works best for small groups or with a large group divided into smaller groups of 4-6 participants.


Indoor Team Building Activities

  1. Everyone in the group gets 10 pennies/toothpicks/scrap of papers, etc.
  2. The first person states something he/she has done (e.g. water skiing).
  3. Everyone else who has done the same thing admits it and puts one penny in the middle of the table.
  4. Then the second person states something (e.g. I have eaten frogs’ legs).
  5. Everyone who has done it puts another penny in the center.
  6. Continue until someone has run out of pennies


Chaos – Indoor Team Building Activities



Indoor Team Building Activities

Material Needed: 3-4 soft small objects (stuffed animals, koosh balls, bean bags)

Time Required: 10 minutes

Group Size: 8-20

Purpose: Physical energizer, the name game


  1. Organize participants into a circle. Go around the circle once and have each participant introduce him or herself by name.
  2. One person begins by tossing one of the objects to someone else, saying, “Hi, Name of Person!”
  3. The person who catches the object then says, “Thanks, Name of tosser!” and repeats by tossing to someone else in the circle.
  4. Names must be said each time the item is tossed or caught. 5. 3-4 items may be in place at once, but make sure to space them 30-60 seconds apart from each other.


Move It Buddy – Indoor Team Building Activities


Indoor Team Building Activities

Focus: Memorizing Names

Stand in a circle, with one person in the middle. When the person in the middle says so, participants will be given 30 seconds to one minute to memorize the first, middle, and last name of the person to their left and right. After the minute is over, the person in the middle will point to somebody and say “left” or “right”. If he or she pauses or stumbles saying the full name, he or she is then in the middle. If everyone seems to know each other’s names right away, the person in the middle can call out, “Move It Buddy!” and everyone must rush to a new space and begin memorizing names again.



Number Cards – Team Building Activities


Indoor Team Building Activities

Equipment: 2 sets of cards numbered 1 -10

Time: 10-15 minutes

Recommended numbers 8+


  1. Randomly lay each set of cards upside down at one end of the room, with a gap between each set
  2. Split the group into 2 teams
  3. Explain to the teams about the 2 sets of card numbered 1 -10
  4. They have to race and find each the card marker number 1 and return to tag the next player
  5. Players take it, in turn, to find the next number in the sequence
  6. Every card turned over must be replaced upside down
  7. The team who have all their numbers returned in the correct order, wins


Scale Exercise – Team Building Activities


Equipment: 2 numbered sheets. marked 1 and the other marker 10

Time : 5 – 10 minutes

Recommended numbers: 4 +

Indoor Team Building Activities

Tip: Plan what questions you want to ask, you can also get the participants to make up questions


  1. This exercise can be used to find out what young people think of an activity or service
  2. It can be used to find out dynamics in a group, strengths, and weaknesses
  3. Simply put up the scale 1 – 10 a reasonable distance apart on the floor or wall.
  4. Ask relevant questions that can be answered between 1 – 10
  5. Participants then place themselves at various positions on the scale
  6. You can ask individuals why they have placed themselves on the scale