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Good to Great with the 7 Step Amazing Race

The digital warriors at Allianz embarked on their journey from Good to Great with the 7 exciting steps in our Digital Amazing Race! The annual conclave of the organization Lakshya 2019 themed ‘Organizational Excellence’ encompassed all the major elements of excellence be it people, processes or planning. Bluesky Learning and 4 Degree consulting collaborated to bring to life a memorable experience for these IT leaders with an engaging activities spread across the entire stretch of the beautiful Raviz Resort at Ashtamudi Lake in Kerala. 12 teams participated in this Digital Amazing Race and enjoyed different tasks ranging from brain ticklers to group dance performances and finally running a grand collaboration machine together. All the tasks brought into action different elements of delivering quality products and services to the customer through the power of collaboration! Our 7 Step Amazing Race is a perfect solution for the teams looking for a unique engagement activity in this digital era. We believe that teams which run together while having fun together, definitely move from Good to great!