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Evalueserve, Professional Services Team Meet @ The Gateway Resort, Gurgaon

Day 1 – Anthem Workshop

An Anthem making workshop is a beautiful and unique way to connect the team members beyond the differences and do something in which they will take pride as a team. The enthusiastic team of a global solutions and services company was completely clueless of what are they getting into as they entered the conference room. They were surprised yet excited when they got to know that they are going to create the anthem for their team. Anthem is something which unites the team, something which will stay with them always and something which they can proudly show to their respective teams. Before beginning, our team supported by a veteran musician helped them understand the complex concepts of anthem. Segregated into 5 different groups, they worked on the basic idea (theme), chose the track, wrote the lyrics and fit the song into a beautiful melody. The best thing about their team- they supported and encouraged each other, they made sure that every opinion is respected and on top of everything the joy in the collaboration was priceless. Music acted as a strong unifying force for this team. Knowing each other beyond the professional space, respecting the differences and working for a bigger cause were some of the elements each one enjoyed. When they walked out of the room that evening and someone asked what you have done- With joy in their eyes and pride in their voice they said- ‘Listen to our song, This is US. We created it together!’

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Day 2 – Team Building Activities

TEAM as it stands for- Together Everyone Achieves More- was very well reflected as the Professional services team of Evalueserve came out to play the games. These games are not just fun but also learning experiences designed in a manner to help the individuals realize significance of individual’s role, communication and collaborative efforts towards the bigger goal. All the teams had to complete a set of challenges to earn the cards which further helped them procure the material for the ultimate challenge. The last milestone required everyone to collate their individual segment to make a giant structure. The successful execution of this 80 feet giant roller coaster was itself a testimonial of the collaboration amongst the 180 team members who worked as 10 different teams but for one bigger purpose. With such fun learning experiences, employees will continue to strive for excellence while working as one strong team.

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