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community team building programs

Community Team Building Programs – Events that get a team to experience what it means to be driven a common purpose that is bigger than their own individual needs.


Lists of Community Team Building Programs


Construct for a cause – Community team building programs


community team building programs


A team driven a common purpose that is bigger than their own individual needs is the most powerful glue that holds a team together and this is amply demonstrated in this event. In this event, the team is given the task of making furniture as teams.

The process involves multiple layers & hence teams will have to divide their work accordingly. A group would be divided into sub-teams and each team will start with a base kit and need to win their way ahead for equipment & material against meeting targets on certain challenges.

All the created items are then given away for Charity, to a school for underprivileged, an Orphanage, or any other deserving institution.


Paint for Kids – Community team building programs


community team building programs


In this community team building programs, team paints Branded T-Shirts with bright colors, around a central theme and hand them over to needy children and youth.

Teams independently visualize the theme based on their own interpretations and represent the same on fabric.

The T-Shirts are then handed over to underprivileged children.

Teams will also be given Stencils for standard designs, logos, letters so that the process is easier on them.

Additionally, the Best painted T-shirts, are auctioned within the team and the money collected is handed over to a legitimate NGO.


The Grand Barter Challenge – Community team building programs


community team building programs


In this community team building programs, Smaller teams are given a 100 Rupee note and left in a marketplace for a designated period of time. They are then challenged to buy anything from the market for the 100 Rupees and from then on keep bartering the items in successive iterations to create maximum exponential value.

Teams are in a state of disbelief themselves as to what they have achieved when they finally add up their performance.

It demonstrates that you don’t need much beyond a sense of passion and commitment to do good in the world.

A truly powerful activity to demonstrate self-belief, challenging norms, going out of one’s comfort zone is all about attitude and what’s inside.

In the past, we’ve had team convert Rs. 2000 to over a Lakh of rupees worth of goods to give away.


Art From Junk Project – Community team building activities


In this community team building programs, the material can be a combination of a variety of junk material that will be provided to each team along with paint material, glue etc.

The Group will be divided into smaller teams given a huge board (typically 4’ x 8’ size), bottles and other base material to create the murals/art pieces.


Bike Building Team Activity – Community team building activities


community team building programs


A task is driven by a higher purpose for the greater good.

In this community team building programs, Teams compete with each other to assemble a cycle from scratch in a race against time.

They can also be made to compete in challenges to be able to win the “currency” required to buy the cycle parts before they can assemble the cycle.

The challenges are a mix of physical and mental activities from cryptic crosswords, to puzzles, and so on.

Teams complete the challenges to purchase the parts and dive into the assembly of the bicycles.

The final assembled cycles are then once again given away to Charity to underprivileged children or youth.


Village Transformation – Community Service team building


community team building programs


In this community team building programs, A demonstration of what a team can achieve when they are collectively driven by a cause that is larger than any one of their individual goals.

Teams to adopt a village and take up several development projects in the village that will directly and positively impact the lives of the villagers.

These projects would be inclusively planned and executed in consultation with the villagers based on what they see as of utmost priority.

Refurbishing of community schools, Kids Play zone & play tools, Common area lighting, Creating a Creche, Skilling project for villagers/women, Building a Community Centre etc are some project examples.

Can be executed as part of a Company off-site or as an ongoing exercise by batches of teams.

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