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Capt. Sushil Karwasra

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Capt Sushil is a product of the Officers Training Academy at Chennai and has undergone several courses in commando training, HAWS and so on. After his Stint with the Army, Capt. Karwasra took up a career in HR with Dainik Bhaskar and when he left Dainik Bhaskar, was the HR Head for Rajasthan as well as the Central Training incharge for Soft skills & Behavioural training. Capt Sushil has over a decade of experience outside the Army in corporate roles but all associated with  HR& People Development.

While with Dainik Bhaskar, Capt Sushil developed and delivered many landmark training initiatives and developed a strong belief in the Experiential learning platform as an ideal method to deliver powerful programs in dealing with attitudes and behaviours and its impact on interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

One of the most important strengths of CaptKarwasra is his commanding presence and yet down to earth connect that he makes with the participants of his program. This comes very handy in large group interventions where one needs to command the group and yet connect with them to make the program fun and engaging. This helps connect the activities and simulations to the team’s reality in a manner that is relatable and simple.

Based in Jaipur, Captsushil travels all over the country delivering programs for clients such as Hindustan Times, Maruti Suzuki, Zee Network, EXL Service, ONGC, Google, Microsoft, and NTPC among others.

Capt. Sushil has other interests like Golf, Farming & runs a hostel for women from interior parts of Rajasthan who come to Jaipur to study. He runs this as a service at nominal costs to help these women further their interests and careers.