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Scavenger Hunt

  • A Fun team building event that is modeled on the hugely popular Amazing race. Set in towns, cities this is a complete reality based team building event where nothing is “fixed” and all experiences are completely real. Teams crack clues, perform bizarre events, convince strangers to perfom bizarre tasks, make movies, take pictures – all this and much more – and all on the clock.
  • Collaboration par excellence – Planning & Coordination taken to a whole other level in this unique team building event, not to mention the spontaneity and creativity that teams need to show to succeed in this event.
  • This is a heady performance event designed to bring out or instill a next level spirit of accomplishment in every single participant. The icing, teams get to explore a city or resort and add it to their travel repertoire.
  • Scavenger hunts can be designed around cities or within the resort if it is large enough.