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A powerful Jumpstart to a new journey for new starters at Taj Hotels

The most effective employee induction programs are not the ones which just prepare the new employees for their role and responsibility as per the documents in the organization. The impactful ones go beyond the knowledge sharing to behavioral intervention.

Second year in the row, Bluesky conducted it’s signature program- Jumpstart,Campus to Corporate for one of India’s largest and prestigious hotel chain- Taj Hotels. And here are few words from the participants at Taj Holiday Village, Goa.

‘When we come out of colleges into the corporate lives, we don’t get proper guidance, this program has given us an opportunity to understand this transition in a better way. Throughout these two days, I have learned a great deal of behaviors…….’

‘We understood the bigger picture of corporate lives , larger scope of things rather than just looking at the details like we did when we were the students…… And the way this program was conducted was simply Amazing’