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7 Islands Race- An ideal solution for your content intensive trainings

BlueSky Learning’s new Boardgame, the 7 Islands race which is aimed at making content heavy trainings fun and engaging was successfully implemented at a leading hospitality group in India. The group approached us with the problem statement that their onboarding process wasn’t effective and engaging enough. We worked with the client team to put together a game board where participants in teams would race across 7 islands in search of an elusive treasure. For passing through each island, they would need to complete challenges. These challenges ranged from simple tasks from match the following, true or false and crosswords to more interesting role plays, comic strips and quizzes. Our team supported the group in creating these tasks’ content as well. The game board experience proved to be effective in enhancing the learning effectiveness as the onboarding teams could focus on key areas of information dissemination while enhancing the overall learning experience.