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5 team skills to focus on for the virtual world

Team skills for a Virtual world blog

The need for teams to be stronger, well-knit has become even more critical in the remote team environments of today. Interdependencies are amplified needing team members to be more behaviourally aware, communicate with impact, demonstrate greater collaboration and stay true to their shared goals amidst shifting and fluid business environment


‘Virtual’ Teams – “Real” Trust

  • Trust is of paramount importance when one has dependencies on others in accomplishing one’s goals. This is further tested when one must work with individuals who all have different opinions, personalities and get things done.
  • The need to create an atmosphere of mutual trust is even more in a virtual environment when the usual physical cues are absent and so are the opportunities to build connections and relationships.


Less Calls – More Communication

  • The need for quality in communication has always been with the complexities of cross cultural, cross functional interactions diluting its effectiveness, despite having more tools than ever before.
  • This is further amplified in today’s virtual work environment and the constant state of flux we all seem to be in. And that does not mean more endless calls.
  • The need therefore is to go back to the fundamental behavioural aspects that make communication deliver the results we want in this complex new reality.


Practicing Win-Win-Virtually

  • Rapidly changing business climate making traditional structures and hierarchies are barriers to achieving quick results and managing change.
  • Facilitating partnerships across organizations and geographies, working with cohorts, vendors with different priorities is key today to getting results
  • All of the above make Collaboration a key behaviour competency to develop and nurture for any professional


Empathy & Respect

  • With the lack of personal contact, a lot of me time, each one of us can be lost in our own version of the world.
  • The challenge therefore is to put themselves in each other’s shoes and understand each other’s realities in dealing with our needs and demands of each other.
  • Demonstrating that respect for one’s space and predicaments alone will earn us the proactive co-operation of our team members.


Challenge, Change, with agility

  • Old rules are fading fast, old processes are being rendered obsolete, not mention whole businesses and products have become totally irrelevant. In such an environment only those teams which challenge status quo and are willing to change and change fast will be relevant.
  • For this to happen, team members should challenge each other, push each other and help each other innovate, adapt and learn quickly and be accepting of this without inertia or prejudice.

BlueSky Learning & High performance Teams in a virtual world

  • To drive this new awareness and ability to navigate these uncertain times, we have put together a best in class virtual program to build kind of connected workforce that you will need as an organisation.
  • The programs are a powerful blend of innovative Experiential learning methodologies & Team coaching style facilitation to make even a virtual program highly interactive and engaging.
  • These workshops are designed as learning journeys to handhold the employees through this transition with a focus on nudging and monitoring behaviour change and actionable outcome.
  • If this interests you, drop in a line here and we would be happy to discuss

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